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Instrument with no soundfile in drumkit ?

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I just downloaded a couple of drumkits from Hydrogen's website (using the UI9, and I was surprised to see that some of them conatined instruments with no sound. These are marked simply with numbers, comme after the "sounding" instruments, and looking at the xml file, they don't seem to have the <filename> tags.

As this happens in several drumkits, which seem otherwise of pretty good quality to me, I wonder if I'm not missing something... Here is an example of such "mute" instrument in the BJA_Pacific drumkit (so nicely layered by the way!):



















            <exclude />




Anyone got a clue as to why these instruments ended up in the xml file?.

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These were added there as placeholders by the author of the drumkit. I don't know where this idea originates from, but there is no special thing behind it.. They are just filling up the instruments until nr. 16 or 32.

vescapacu1973 (not verified)

_,I dont completely figure out your view, but I get the point.

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i think, the place holders are there to make the kit gm compatible.

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Ok. Thanks for the info! 

I found at least one use in hydrogen since: muting all "real" instruments while still having the metronome and transport running (solo one of these "phantom" instruments). Of course this is probably not what they are all there for. 

If the drumkits are GM compatible, does it mean that they can be loaded in a program other than hydrogen (I mean apart from composite or drmr which are based on hydrogen anyway)? Or converted easily to/from some other format? Just wondering...


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no, don't think this. imo this is only to make midi input mapping gm compatible.

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I have also noticed that, but I have no idea what the reason can be, as I am not much of an experienced user. I think compatibility with midi may very well be the reason as wolke stated.

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