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Request: more tuplet and odd meter support

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Joined: 04/02/2012

Hydrogen would really be the ultimate drum sequencer if only it supported more tuplets and odd meters.

It should be simple to implement.

The first step would be just to add other tuplets besides triplets, so instead of just 4T, 8T etc. in the menu, there could be a dialog to allow the entering of any tuplet ratio. Thus I could set 1/4-notes to be split into 5 or 7 or whatever divisions.

If the supported number were high enough, this is all that would be needed to even do heirarchical divisions (because if I wanted half-note triplets where one of them was split into 5 pieces, I'd just temporarily choose a half-note split into 15)

Beyond that, it would be ideal to allow different time-signatures, including odd ones, and it would be ideal to allow them to be overlaid. Already hydrogen can loop a series of different numbers of beats, but should allow those to be lined up in one pattern while another pattern has a different number of beats, and they should cycle independently (e.g. a layered 4-beat pattern and 3-beat pattern should take 12 beats before they start together again)

Though I can imagine scenarios where even more complex rhythms might be desired, just getting these features would really open up the possibilities. This would, in my view, make Hydrogen truly the ultimate drum sequencer.