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Windows 7 and 0.9.6alpha release: instruments not loaded and all muted...

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Joined: 04/07/2012

This is not a question, it's a report on the new alpha release. When I installed it, I had no volume, all channels were muted on the mixer, and instruments weren't loaded. 


Please note I immediately loaded a h2 song i wrote on an older hydrogen version on linux, I have no idea if it would have had an automatic output should I have not loaded this file...


Just thought someone would like to know, since it was a pain in the arse farting around trying to workout why I had no sound. An instrument bank should have been loaded -GMKit was first on the list and also the one I had on linux, so why not automatically load it?


They say Linux music production doesn't work. I've used it for years mostly fine (Rosegarden does get PMT). Try out windows music production and EVERYTHING goes wrong. From an uber cranky soon to be ex windows user. And ex-smoker. of 3 days. hence the uber cranky. sorry for cranking at you.

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hi, h2 use absolute file name's in h2songs. that is because hydrogen allows to mix instruments in songs. this mean a song is independent from your drumkit library. in your case you save a song on an other machine with a different data structure. hydrogen don't find the song samples and mute all instruments. if you only work with gmkit which also is the default kit under windows simple load the gmkit with right clicking on sound- library gmkit and choose load. after reloading the drumkit simple save the song. this solve the problem locally. and finally "windows rocks" :).