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Hydrogen icon confusion

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I've been wondering why the current version in Ubuntu's repositories (Oneiric 11.10) has no SVG icon, and while searching to find out if there are any plans/obstacles regarding that, I ran across Hydrogen's Wikipedia page

The icon displayed there is SVG, but I've never before seen it.

So, I thought I'd ask here:

a) Is there anything I could help to get the hydrogen packages use SVG icons?

I know, it's just optics, but when having Hydrogen in e.g. a dock with all others being SVG, it looks a bit shabby. And Hydrogen deserves to look as good as it is!

b) Which icon is the currently official one: The one seen here, or the one on Wikipedia?



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the svg icon is there since many jears. in our repository you can find it under data/image/gray/icon.svg.