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exporting wav problems

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Okay today I just got your program from a friend and I really like the user interface. There are some small

problems I noticed but they're not all that bad. Until I finished my song, which is extremely complex and

contains 9 tempo changes. The song plays great on hydrogen program. I was super excited about finishing

and was ready to export to wav, so I can import into cakewalk guitar tracks pro and start adding the rest

of my instruments. But when I export to wav, the wav file sounds nothing like my song. It seems to ignore

all of my tempo changes, just playing at random tempos. Also, the song is completely out of order. Every time

I export, I get a different result. I'm quite frustrated...I spent all day on this!! Please help me, I want to finish my

song soooo bad :(

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please check the FAQ: currently tempo changes are indeed ignored when exporting a song  

maybe this will get fixed in a future release




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The next windows version will have this bug fixed. The fix is already implemented.