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Modern metal project

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Joined: 09/26/2012

Hi ! Not supra-realistic grooves but sounds hard and powerful.

Uses :

GM Kit

Death Metal Kit

DT 7 kit

Yamaha Vintage Kit


Rename .txt extension by .mp3 in order to listen audio sample.


Enjoy :-)

Modern Metal ProJect.h2song222.53 KB
sample.txt530.92 KB
Joined: 01/29/2013

Great job! i cant listen perfectly on the Hydrogen, cause i need load all sounds in thec orrect order. if i load gm kit, miss sounds, if i load DT 7 kit, miss sounds. so i listen to the sample an i miss sounds. no way to reconstruct the original on my hydrogen. Y like, to look how u do it, it is a great job! i want use hydrogen to play with my bass and do some bases to my own themes.