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Updates to 'The Black Pearl' Kit

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Joined: 02/18/2012

Hi There have been some minor updates to 'The Black Pearl 1.0' Kit that is one of the optional kits available online from within Hydrogen and this kit also comes in the AV Linux 6.0 'Extra Goodies' folder. This is a GPL multisampled Kit I created from my own Black Pearl DX series Drumkit. The main update is a better less deep sounding Kick drum to replace the original one which sounded fine on it's own but sometimes could be lost and difficult to mix within a large arrangement in Ardour etc.

For users of 'The Black Pearl 1.0' this is an update with the Kick drum only changed and the original sample mapping left intact:

There is also an expanded version called 'The Black Pearl 2.0' which has additional multisampled Roto-toms and has a slightly different mapping scheme. Find it here:

If you are curious about how these kits sound there are a bunch of recordings done with Ardour3, Hydrogen and 'The Black Pearl 1.0' on my Soundcloud page here: