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Hydrogen Kicks rock speaker too hard

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So I have put together a song and after I burn it to CD and put it into a home or car stereo, the kicks from the kick drum kinda hurt.   Its a very dull and off sound that the speakers don't like.  I use Ardour as my DAW and have made sure that I am not clipping on the drum track.   I am using the GMKIT hydrogen drum kit.   Anyone know what's going on? 

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so you said that the drum track doesnt clip, but are you sure that the final mix doesnt clip?

if you play your cd on the setup that you recorded your song on, does that sound different than when you play your final mix on that same setup?

you could also check the spectrum of your mix.  maybe the mix contains a lot of 'sub' frequencies that your car audio system cant handle, or that you simply dont hear on your recording setup

hope these tips help

(can you put your song online? if you want i can take a look at it)