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TuxGuitar & Hydrogen

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Joined: 02/10/2013

Hi all,

Well I don't know nothing 'bout drum machine... As guitar player I've always use a metronome or drums patterns made with TuxGuitar.

I've written a lot of drums parts with TuxGuitar and I 'd like to know if I could import them within Hydrogen?

Didn't read all the doc already, but it seems Hydrogen doesn't import midi files (since TuxGuitar just like Hydrogen export as midi... It would have been of a great help if Hydrogen could import midi as TuxGuitar does ;-)).

Another point I do not really understand is how to manage triplet: if pattern 1 use for instance 8T res, pattern 2 also. If I try to change pattern 2 to straight 8, it also change pattern 1. Is this right or did I make a mistake or mismacth smth?

Sorry for these probably naive questions but an old guy like me use to write music with his pen on paper musicsheet... For example I wrote a tune call 369 which start 3/4 change to 6/8 then to 9/8 (sax, bass, guitar, drums). How to write drums part of this song with Hydrogen?

Thanks in advance for you help,