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Where is the best place to writte "Thank you Hydrogen"

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Joined: 02/19/2013

Hi guys I'm Belgium This is a long time now what I'm looking for something like Hydrogen and now I found it. Well actually I'm really poor, man but I make my own music on youtube and well I miss a band but I can't resist about call of music and call of creativity... So This is for the team of Hydrogen project, If my music works I swear you guys, I will coming in your place, in any-place, in any country where you are with a present for you "A special Beer from my country"  You are awesome I love you... Thanks you so much for this epic drum machine... Have a good day.


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Joined: 04/20/2010

Hi Manu

guess what : im Belgian too !  (i'll have a Westvleteren ;-) but there are some guys working on H2 who deserve a beer _much_ more than i do !!

glad you like Hydrogen and i hope you can make your music work !



Joined: 04/17/2010

Lol  dutch grumpy this side :)

But i do LOVE hydrogen ,and with all new things it getting better great workand to all who contributed

THANK  YOU .If i find work i buy you again a beer (palm) :)