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Please improve the clarity of the site

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Joined: 04/02/2012

I suggested Hydrogen to a student and they got all confused coming to the site. The log in on the side doesn't say it is for the forum specifically or other things. They tried to figure out how to make an account and sign in when all they wanted was to install.

The blog posts are prominent on the front page, but instead a basic hello intro to what this is should be on the top before showing the blog stuff. And there should be a single prominent link to installing that is separate from the other things.

It should just be a little easier to get started. Once someone has installed, then they will be a user and will be tolerant to figure their way around the site if they have time and interest.

Thanks for the great software. I hope it keeps getting better!

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Joined: 02/24/2013

I have a few suggestions for the Hydrogen site:

1) Allow users to easily find their own content (forum posts). I always find that convenient when I log into a site with a forum and I can just click "view my posts" and see a list of forum topics that I started and check in on them. I wouldn't say this feature is needed or necesary at all, just convenient. The subscribe option is already there, and that's also pretty convenient for staying up-to-date on your forum topics.

2) A new forum for sharing drumkits. If there are many users who record their own samples and create their own drumkits, a forum for sharing them would be great. I produce my own drumkits very often. I have hundreds of (mostly) DIY drumkits. Many of them have kick/bass drums that have been sampled from vintage drum machines and changed with EQ, surgery and FX plugins. However i also have numerous drumkits that are 100% DIY, including self-recorded and produced kicks, snares, hihats, cymbols, rides, and various percs that sound similar to congo, bongo, rimshots, claps, etc. Maybe I can provide an official Hydrogen drumkit to be included in the software packages as well? I'd be willing to do that.

3) The ability to upload attachments (that would be necessary for the above suggestion to be worthwhile).

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Thanks for the suggestions, i guess there are a lot of things which need to be updated and improved on this site, but as always, free time is the problem :) If someone reads this who has interest in helping us out with at those task, feel free give us a helping hand!

Regarding the sharing of drumkit and attachments: This not so trivial.. The hosting of drumkits can take a lot of (disk) space and traffic, but i don't mind to create a forum where people can share links to their drumkits. I also have no problem with loading open-source licensed drumkits to our (sourceforge) server. Then everyone can load the drumkit via the soundlibrary manager.