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Crunchy Sidewalk Stumble & Snackin' On Utensils

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Crunchy Sidewalk Stumble is a fall-themed track. I made a drumkit made of "fall samples" (leaves, brush, bottle caps hitting concrete, etc) recorded outdoors on an H4 Zoom, and that's the perc track. The kicks are the only samples that weren't recorded on my H4...i think they were originally 909s that i changed with LADSPA plugins.

Snackin' On Utensils. I recorded ALL these percs with my H4, including the kicks. Forks, knives, spoons, spatulas, chopsticks, can openers, etc - kitchen utensils gave me the sounds i was looking for. And i really overdid the drumkit, which includes a total of 45 samples: 11 hihats, 4 kicks, 7 snares and 23 "miscellaneous" percs.

On both tracks, i used yoshimi, phasex, xsynth, sineshaper softsynths as well as hydrogen, ardour3 and jamin.

I love recording and producing my own drumkits!

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nice great, yeah, yeah