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ADSR fading my samples out too fast?

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   I'm new here, but I've been using Hydrogen for about a year. It's been awesome so far, and exactly what I need. I've been using it to trigger samples with my Roland drumkit. 

   The first issue I've had happened the other day when I switched to Ubuntu Studio 12.10 from Ubuntu 11.10. Hydrogen was pre-packaged in Ubuntu Studio, along with qjackctl and other audio related apps. Everything worked great in Ubuntu until I accidentally left Banshee playing all day. It seems that caused something to break, because I started getting some high pitched distortion, pops, crackles, and bits and pieces of the original sound whenever I played any of the drumkits everytime I started Jack. Jack was showing  an endless stream of Xrun callbacks when the system should have been idle, and the cpu meter showed a load when i wasn't doing anything at all. If I changed anything in Hydrogen settings, It would lock up, and not respond to anything. I decided to just start from scratch and install ubuntu studio.

   Everything sounds fine now, except that the ADSR envelope, or something else maybe, is causing my samples to fade out way to soon. Even when the control knobs are all the way up. (all but attack) I tried various settings in jack and Hydrogen also. Nothing is helping so far. Since this wasn't happening before in 11.10, and this is a very different distro I'm using now, I wonder if something has changed since the version before 0.9.6. (I'm also missing the jack buttons under the cpu meter) Imust say too that some of my samples are longer than usual... like my rides and some crashes. I think the longest one is around 4 seconds or so. Still, even the standard kits do this when triggered.The fade out does not happen if I click the sound to preview it, or when I set up a pattern in the editor. It only happens when I trigger them with a drum pad.

   It may also be user malfunction, as I am still learning the basics of ubuntu and everything that ditching windows entails. I'm not completely sure about some things such as the difference between root and administrator when there are no other users on the system. I'm not even sure how to compile something. (software center is good enough for me. lol!) It is completely possible that I have just missed some important detail, or did something wrong.. I just don't know what. I am currently thinking it's the onboard sound that's the culprit of all my woes. So I'm working on getting a new interface. That will only do good even if it isn't the problem.

   Well If anyone could offer up some ideas I would sooooo apreciate them. Sorry about the book >.<

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ho soopahdoopah

i think the first thing you need to do is make sure you have configured Hydrogen to use Jack (it's probably set to auto right now?)


next check if if the 'ignore note off' box is ticked in the midi pref tab, if not tick it.



try that and let us know if it helped



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 Thanks Thijs,

   The "Ignore note off" box was not ticked. That was the problem and now my samples are playing correctly. Thank you so very much!! I had assumed that was used for stopping a sound after it had been triggered by hitting the pad again. Like a kind of mute group or something. I guess that's what I get for assuming. LOL!

   As far as hydrogen using jack I think it is, even though the tab reverts back to "Auto" after I have changed it to "jack". The debug tab shows the audio output as jack and I am not experiencing any latency issues. I assume that the "If it isn't broke, don't fix it" mentality would apply? 

Thanks again.