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Creating new sounds

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Joined: 03/15/2013

I´d like to create my own sounds in Hydrogen, perhaps recording some of our drummer´s instruments and add them in Cubase (verion 5.1). I think, the Hydrogen sounds are not really useful for my music, but I like the graphical user interface much more than all of the other (not free) drum machines I´ve seen a demo version from. Does anybody know if it´s possible to create own sounds for Hydrogen - perhaps by using Cubase to record sounds -without studying computer science?

(I apologize for my english, as I use to write in German:-)

Joined: 12/14/2012


   You can import any sound that is .wav or .flac into hydrogen and play them just like any of the sounds that come with hydrogen. Read the section "creating an instrument and layers" from the manual This makes it really easy to use your own sounds.

   You can use any software you like to record your sounds with. I like the simplicity of Audacity and use it regularly to record and edit individual drums and sounds. So record your sound, save it as .wav or .flac, then open hydrogen and import your sound per instructions in the manual. Pretty simple.. no computer science required.  :)


Hope this helps