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Song files

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 Can you explain me the process I must follow to detach in my own library a song file ( that I have found in your forum topic "share the songs".


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a hydrogen songfile does not contain any sounds (samples), instead the creator of the song selected a drumkit when he started creating the song

if you download a song from the 'share your songs' section of the forum but the creator of that song created his own drumit (or uses one that is not installed by default) you will have to download and install it first (see this part of the manual)

if you open the h2song file in a text editor you can quickly see what drumkit was used for the song by searching for the <drumkit> tag

this will look like this : <drumkit>GMkit</drumkit>

once you know what library was used you can download and install it (if it is available on our server of course)