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Feature requests

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hello, first off I want to say Hydrogen is possibly the best music program of any kind I've ever used. Great job, guys!

Anyways, on to the meat - I've been using Hydrogen for a while now and have come across a few things that could (IMHO) greatly improve it:

1) A sequence 'duplicate' button. This would work just like the 'new' button, but instead duplicates the current pattern.
2) Allow the song position to be set while the song is stopped. (Needed for #3)
3) Insert/delete column buttons. These do just as they say, operating on the current song position and shifting all columns to their right.
4) It's hard to tell whether song mode or pattern mode is selected - perhaps have a 'light' appear behind the currently selected one?

That's about it - Export to MIDI would be nice, too, but an external program could probably easily accomplish that.