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Midi-Clock with H2 - dirty workaround ;)

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi Guys

Because trans2midi doesn't work properly with my loopstation, I figured out - after nights of trying - a great (dirty) workaround to send Midi-Clock from Hydrogen (of course with H2 as jack transport master).

The only good midi clock I found - the only one which works with the looper (electro harmonix 2880) - is Seq24's Midi-Clock.

The only problem was that Seq24 has jack transport sync function but NOT takes H2's tempo.

First I have to say that I use H2 on the stage in a Live environement, I have different tracks in a H2 playlist with different tempos. So when I go to the next song, Seq24 has to overtake h2's (or jack transport tempo) and sync with it.

I found my workaround with the Script function in h2's playlist editor (thanks devs that's an amazing function!!!). What I did:


1. I created for each song a .mid file with the right tempo in Seq24. (120.mid, 140.mid, 160.mid, ... )

2. Then I wrote for each song a script telling h2 to start Seq24 with the right tempo file.

Switching the songs h2 started each time a new Seq24 with the right tempo, that was nice but I had a lot of Seq24 instances and a big confusion in the midi-clocks ;) so I had to close (the old) Seq24 first and then reopen it with the new tempo. Now the script looks like:


#have phun

killall seq24
seq24 /path/to/the/midi/file/120.mid &


Now when I switch to the next song, the old Seq24 is closing and the new Seq24 opens with the right tempo ;)

Then I tuned this with a prog called Devilspie which minimized each window called "Seq24". Like this, Seq24 is not poping up each time I change a song ;) I'm really happy and looking forward to check it out on the stage! ;)

Im not a programer and I'm sure it's a dirty way but it works fine for now. If anybody has a better idea please post it there!

all the best




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hi Vinz

this sounds like something i have also encoutered (Hydrogen not transmitting tempo vis jacktrans)

can you have alook at this ticket and let me know if this is what you are seeing ? (i'm really interested in this issue since it's also slowing me down :-(


btw : you can use jack_transport utility (cli) to set the master tempo.  you could maybe use this iso seq24

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Hey Thijs

Hmm I'm not sure if its the same issue because my problem was only with the midi-clock. But maybe you are right it's not a midi-clock problem but a h2-transport-master problem!

With my dirty workaround h2 has nothing to do with the midi clock, so maybe thats the reason that the midi clock works????

Thats a big question anyway.

There is another jack-to-midi clock program ( but with it I had the same problem than with trans2midi (because they othertake jack transport tempo given by h2 master???)

I'll try it to and I'll post my tests here.

all the best