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Patterns deleted when moving them in song editor

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This is my first post here. I'm using Hydrogen 0.9.6-11.18 and OpenSuse Tumbleweed. I use Hydrogen a lot and since I moved to OpenSuse I'm experimenting an annoying bug, when I select a block of patterns in the song editor and move them a lot of patterns dissapear from there. This picture shows the selcted bars/patterns:Before moving patterns

This pictures shows what happens after trying to move bars/patters one position to the right:

After moving bars

It seems the position on which was a pattern can't be overwriten.

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

Luis Pablo

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I have fixed this (or a similar?) bug some time ago, and it should definitely work in the last beta releases. I think that the version that you are using is a little bit too old. If you want to get it to work, you could try to install one of our last releases by compiling the sourcecode on your own.

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While using the hydrogen, the important feature is the one to adjust the velocity of the notes that we have played in through MIDI than the automatic adjusting off the touch sense from the keyboard. And I think this is a simple error that you have experienced about dislocation of the bars.