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Everything is working fine, except when I start to groove in my e-kit

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Hello guys!

I've been recording my own music for a while, and I have a Yamaha e-kit. Until now, I've been using my module's audio out to capture drums, but I figured it was to time to move on and try to capture MIDI, since it would make the recoding and mixing process a lot easier. If anyone is interested, here's my channel in you tube:

Well, enough spam, let's get into what matters. I have connected my module and my computer with a USB/MIDI cable, I've configured and maped a kit in hydrogen which pleases me the most, I've configured my Yamaha module to generate the right notes and, to this point, eveything is a sucess. Well... Not exaclty a success. Why? Because when I play only simple things in my e-kit everything works fine. A simple thing would be a drum fill which generates notes only in one pad at a time, for example. The problems is when I start to play a full groove in my e-kit, one which makes me hit more than one piece of hardware at the same time, snare, kicker, ride and hi-hat pedal, for instance. Only some random notes are detected by hydrogen and, of course, everything becomes unusable.

I'm using JACK for audio output and ALSA as MIDI input. I tried to configure JACK as MIDI input aswell, but Hydrogen didn't show up in that connections panel in QjackCtl.

I think my problem could be due to the bad quality of the USB/MIDI cable I'm using. It's a very cheap chinese generic one, and perhaps it doesn't handle well more than one MIDI input at the same time. I thought it could be the ALSA driver too, but I couldn't use JACK, as previously said. My next step will be purchasing a better cable, but I was wondering if maybe someone had some thoughts to share about the problem I'm facing.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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It's hard to locate the error from the distance.. You can try to use a midi monitor (just google for "midi monitor" + your operating system) to analyse the data that comes from your drumkit/midi cable and you could try to see if there are any differences to the notes that you have played. Yes, thats not easy, and yes, thats not fun. Or you can try to record the notes in another midi program and see if the notes are recorded there correctly.