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Hydrogen creates duplicate samples when exporting a drumkit

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I've stumbled across a troublesome bug... If I create a completely new drumkit in Hydrogen from scratch by importing the samples when I export the created kit it works as expected and the exported kit is the size I expect. If I import an existing kit and make changes to it it or add or remove instruments from it when I export it with the changes the size of the kit doubles! If I extract the exported kit and look in the extracted folder I notice there are duplicate samples created, for instance there will be 'Snare.wav' and also 'Snare_1.wav'. 'Snare.wav' is supposed to be there, 'Snare_1.wav' is being created by Hydrogen on export for some reason. As a further experiment I imported a drumkit and made no changes to it then exported it and the same thing happens.

To be clear the exported kits still work, they are just carrying around a bunch of useless samples. I imported a kit that was 80Mb and once exported it was suddenly 160Mb! This is seen with 0.9.6-b3 but I believe this bug was also in 0.9.6-b2 and perhaps earlier versions as well.

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thanks for the report GMaq

i have created a ticket for it on github :




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Hi thijs,


Thanks for submitting it, I probably should have done that first but I thought I'd check on the forum if I was just imagining things or whether anyone else had noticed this issue, in the meantime I think I will give your python drumkit script a try :).

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Hi Gmaq!

How are you importing the drumkit exactly? Are you using the "load" action from the soundlibrary panel or are you installing a new drumkit via the "import soundlibrary" menu?