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metronome thingy

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Hello all,


I searched the forum using the keywords metronome and export and found nothing. Maybe nobody else has this feature?


Sometimes I make drum tracks on a whim and don't save them. It's a spur of the moment thing. I turn the metronome off

because I don't need it much, but there it is in the rendered .wav file, even though I have it turned off during playback.


Are there magic words, incantations or some other things I can do to either:

1) reduce the metronome volume to zero.

2) not get it to ever, ever play back in an exported wav file unless I want it there?


Maybe I'm not doing this right. I just know I'm tired of block cut, drag and drop drum beats. I can play drums,

just not in this grimy apartment.


Hydrogen is an excellent piece of work. So far I have downloaded several kits and find them very useful. The interface is really

easy to understand and use. It's possibly the best drum machine I have discovered. I can't afford to by Battery, but I think this one

could give that program a run for its' money in time and under budget. Wow.


The 808 kit is perfect, and the pitch controls give my girl orgasms when I turn the stereo up. (cuz I put the subwoofer by her seat. )



I'll post some of my work to the "plug the band" part of the forum.


You guys that make this thing are awesome. Thank you!


Was I just a dumbass for not saving a drum song?


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I'm glad that you like hydrogen!

Which version of hydrogen are you using? And on which operating system? IIRC we had a bug some time ago which caused the metrome to be exported in some situations.

Joined: 07/20/2013

I'm using version 0.9.6 svn on opensuse 12.3. It's running on an athlon x2 2.2ghz with 1gb ram. I think it's a 32bit system. I have an M-Audio Delta 66 sound card- I made sure to get something that was professional and well supported.

also: Who do I talk to about submitting drum kits for the H2 community?

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Would you be able to compile hydrogen by yourself? You can get the sourcecode from our github repository. It seems that the version which you are using is a little bit older.

For the drumkits: You can send me a link to the kit if you can upload it somewhere, then i will put it on our server!

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hi Cedric

if you want to submit a drumkit it's best to upload it to a place we have read access to (shared folder on google doc, dropbox, ubuntu one ...)

next you just drop us a mail via the ubuntu devel mailing list (, we'll have a listen and upload the kit to the drumkit repo. done :-)

please make sure the kit/samples are of high quality and you must pay some attention to the license you release your kit under (check out this section of the manual) and also check out the creative commons 'license creator page

@Mauser : about the metronome, i do remember that there was an issue with the metronome toggle on/off whenever you exported a song, but i cant seem to find anything about it on github :-( ...  maybe it was never filed as bug