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Hydrogen & Roland V-Drums Tutor - drivin' me crazy

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I'm using Hydrogen 0.9.6 preview from 2011-02-02 under Windows 7 to create midi files for my Roland V-Drums Tutor software, but I can't get Hydrogen to export the correct MIDI notes for each instrument.

I'm using the GMKit which is nearly OK, but I can't get the tom's to show up on the correct line of the score in the V-Drums Tutor screen.

I already took a look at the drumkit.xml file, but all the <midiOutNote> tags are the same value - so this seems to be the wrong place!??

Dragging around the instruments with the mouse didn't do anything, the MIDI file is always the same.

What else can I do to get the correct notes exported to the MIDI file?