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M-Audio Trigger Finger P1-P8 pads don't do anything

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Hi Everyone. I am unable to "login" and post any follow-up comment to this thread:

My issue is the same as everyone else. P9-P16 work fine, but they trigger the last 8 sounds in my drum kit only.

P1-P8 seem to do nothing. So I thought I'd go into midi configuration dialog and see what is happening.

If I "record" these events, I can see "PLAY" events for these channels:

P1 is NOTE 60,
P2 is NOTE 61
P3 is NOTE 62,
P4 is NOTE 63,
P5 is NOTE 56,
P6 is NOTE 57,
P7 is NOTE 58
P8 is NOTE 59

So now I got the midi codes, what actions do I bind them to in the midi configuration pane?
I tried issuing "play" actions but that seems to be the wrong thing.



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I have a Akai midi controller and had a similiar problem. I believe the Hydrogen Midi Note numbers are fixed from Instrument 1(Midi Note 26) thru Instrument 24(Midi Note 59).

I believe your M-Audio controller comes with software(Enigma) that allows you to program what Midi Note is played.

I do not have an experience with the Enigma software so I do not know the procedure but the manual can be found here.

Enigma software instruction start on page 8

Good Luck..

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Yes, in this case the best way is to use an external midi mapper to map the midi note values of the triggerfinger. But unlike it is said in the previous post, the first hydrogen instrument (usually your bassdrum) starts midi note 36. So you should try to get your first triggerfinger pad to send the note 36.

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Yes.. Mauser is correct on the numbers.. I do not know what I thinking when I typed those numers as I was looking directly at this image when I typed them.mapping