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About permissions to use online samples to make H2 kits

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Looking for free samples to start making a brush kit, I found this:

i.e. some really good free drumkits (often including wav samples). There is also a good brush kit.


Now for the first two libraries (Big Mono and G&S custom drum kit) we already have a kit, so I imagine someone asked Analogue Drums/Salvador Peláez the permission to use these samples in Hydrogen. Right? At least before making the flac edition (actually not only a compression, there was an editing in the audio) of G&S I contacted Peláez.

Why do not ask the same for the other drumkits? Or maybe somebody else has already tried it, and knows which owners do not allow using their sounds?


For example the "Free Jazz Funk Drum" license states:

"You may not create any other sample-based product that uses sounds from Orange Tree Samples. This
includes making other sample libraries that use Orange Tree Samples sounds as source material."

For other drumkit there's no a license file in the archive, so before writing emails to the owners, I wanted to submit the subject to the forum.