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Problems with BPM when exporting

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I´m using Hydrogen on a Windows 8 laptop and have some trouble with the BPM-function. When I use it and define the tempo for each beat, I can´t export the song as .wav file nor .ogg or any other file.

In details: When I press the button "Export" (I don´t know the exact name, it´s "Song exportieren" in the German version), the pointer in the song taskbar gets crazy and jumps from left to right to the first bar with a tempo change and back again, does so several times... and what I can hear in the end in the exported file, is just nonsence.

When I press the BPM button (turn this function off) and try to export it one more time, everything´s fine - apart from the fact that I haven´t got the tempo changes I´d like to have.

I know that there´s a function in Cubase to change the tempo, but as a Cubase beginner this seems very complicated to me. - So: Can anyone help me with my "BPM problem" in Hydrogen?!?


Thanks a lot,

schoenherr from Germany


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Unfortunately the export of songs with tempo changes does not work in the windows beta version of hydrogen 0.9.6. This problem is already fixed, but until now, no newer version was build/released for windows.

Joined: 07/22/2013

Thanks, mauser - this information will save a lot of time, in which I would have tried again and again without success. I´ll try it in Cubase.

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i'll add this info to the FAQ since it seems to pop up frequently

EDIT: seems that it's already in the FAQ :-)