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Problems with BPM when exporting

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Joined: 07/22/2013

I´m using Hydrogen on a Windows 8 laptop and have some trouble with the BPM-function. When I use it and define the tempo for each beat, I can´t export the song as .wav file nor .ogg or any other file.

In details: When I press the button "Export" (I don´t know the exact name, it´s "Song exportieren" in the German version), the pointer in the song taskbar gets crazy and jumps from left to right to the first bar with a tempo change and back again, does so several times... and what I can hear in the end in the exported file, is just nonsence.

When I press the BPM button (turn this function off) and try to export it one more time, everything´s fine - apart from the fact that I haven´t got the tempo changes I´d like to have.

I know that there´s a function in Cubase to change the tempo, but as a Cubase beginner this seems very complicated to me. - So: Can anyone help me with my "BPM problem" in Hydrogen?!?


Thanks a lot,

schoenherr from Germany