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midi map workarounds

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi All,

Since hydrogen currently has a fixed map from midi note numbers to instruments, I thought I'd point out a couple of ways for people to work around this.

1. You can use qmidiroute to map from one midi note to another. Hydrogen uses "instrument number = midi note - 36" so you can work out what to map, say, the GM note numbers to.

2. If you are using muse as your sequencer, in the drum track editor, you can set the midi note to send for each instrument. (This is probably true of other sequencers too.) If you expand the bit of the drum track editor that has the instrument names in it, you'll see soem extra columns including the note to send.

3. If you are playing midi files through hydrogen (using, eg. pmidi), you can either uses qmidiroute, or, you can use a tool like midicomp combined with a bit of simple sed/awk/perl scripting to map notes from the standard midi drum notes to a particular instrument number for hydrogen.

Hope this helps somebody out there.