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sample editor not saving changes

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Joined: 12/25/2011

hi there. I've got a problem with the instrument editor. I am using version 0.9.6 beta from kxstudio ppa for ubuntu. I've tried also the git version (from september 5th).


My problem is when creating or modifying drumkits. When modifying an instrument with the instrument editor (bassically changing its start time), next time i open the program or load the drumkit the change is missing. I've tried to save the drumkit with another name, export the library, modifying the properties of the drumkit checking the 'save changes for the instruments in this library'... but no luck.


is this a known bug for beta versions (i'm pretty sure with 0.9.5 version it was working ok) or it's working for everyone else except me?



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Joined: 03/30/2010

the sample editor works independent from drumkits. changes on samples inside this editor will only saved in songfiles. my intention by programming this editor was to create a non destructive sample tool for using same sample libraries in different songs with different sounds. you can not edit a library sample with this editor. and exactly this was my intention here.