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Cool Edit Pro

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Joined: 09/24/2013

Does anyone actually remember Cool Edit Pro? It was and still is one of the most advanced audio editors out there. Adobe made some changes but I still use the original.

My Question:

Is there a way to sync Cool Edit Pro and Hydrogen. 

Case Study:

I want to create beats using Hydrogen, to remix existing songs. So I start with acepella versions of the talent singing. Lay down a sync track. Now that the sync is in place, lets sync it with hydrogen. 

Or perhaps using Midi I could sync both applications together?

The goal is when I start Cool Edit afer cueing at a certain point, I want Hydrogen to start automatically. 

There seems to be a delay when I press the hydrogen start button which is a whole different subject all on its own. 

Anyways...can anyone can guide me threw this I would appreciate it. 





Joined: 09/28/2013

I'm just starting with hydrogen so I can't help you yet with your question but I do have and use Cool Edit Pro.  I wish it were still supported.  Anyway, would love to share ideas in the future regarding CEP and Hydrogen.