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Please Help

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Joined: 10/03/2013

I installed hydrogen onto my PC, imported drumkits, setup my kit and created patterns which I formed into songs.  Then I saved everything onto an external hard drive.  I then installed hydrogen onto my laptop, and transferred all of the files from the external hard drive onto my laptop.  I once again imported all of the drum kits, and the kit I set up, the patterns and songs all look like they transferred properly.  

The problem is that the 'stick' is the only sound in my kit that I'm hearing; like hydrogen isn't regestering the other sounds in my kit, even though all the sounds were imported.  So I'm not hearing any of my song except for the stick.  I hope that makes sense.   

Hope someone can help me.

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Joined: 03/30/2010

this is an old bug and is solved in latest git head version of h2. the problem here are absolute sample file names in songfile. you have two choices to solve this problem. first, edit your song files by hand and correct all absolute sample filenames in dependence to your laptop home user path. or install the latest h2 version(git) and save all songs again on your first machine. and also install the latest h2 version(git) on your laptop.