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Just a little question

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Joined: 04/17/2010

So excuse my english , im a french user of this great program

I like Hydrogen,its a very accesible and powerful program, but i Have a little problem :

I use windows version of hydrogen..when i import a drumkit,i i click to explore on the drumkit manager>import section,i select the drumkit file (.h2drumkit file) and i confirm on import.Hydrogen says "drumkit imported in C:Documents and settings/romain/.hydrogen/data/.
(the installation folder is on the programms files.But when i close and restart,i could choose only the 2 main drumkit (gmkit and TR808Emulationkit) on the loading drumkit windows and i never see the additional drumkit.

Do i a wrong solution to import drumkit?

Thank you for you help,and congratulations for the devellopers of the program and the drumkits for this wonderful program

Joined: 04/17/2010

It is a known bug: Hydrogen uses standard archiving utilities which are different on Windows. It will soon get fixed, we hope.