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feedback on 0.9.4-dev (oct 31)

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Just downloaded the release from SourceForge.

*Noticed it still doesnt have a nice icon in the start menu.
- I start hydrogen.
*It still displays that console/DOS box.
*I am presented with the Welcome to Hydrogen screen, which incorrectly states that its version 0.9.2 when it infact is 0.9.4
*I notice the buttons located down, used for show/hide now have a nice blue color and are nice buttons. Much better than prior release which was all green. :)
*The menus (at the top) looks alot better.
*Dialogs such as about, settings, etc also looks much nicer.
*The manual still doesnt work. :(
*I see a "Debug" menu on the menubar, dont think it was there in old release, but in this release it is here. Not sure if mortals like me is supposed to see that? ;)

There also appears to be a memory leak or some problem with memory handling. Sometimes the memory used can be 5 megabyte, but sometimes it can be 60 mb!
It can be 60 mb when I start the application and havent done anything at all!

But still, I like the release alot, it made alot of things better and more consistent. :)