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How do I use Hydrogen with a DAW?

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Hi, I just wanna ask ifc an you guys help explain in details how I can use Hydrogen with other DAWs? preferably studio one pro. Some people just make the pattern first in hydrogen and export song as wav file then import on their DAW, but what I mean is how can I sync it in real time  DAW just like as a vst plugin? pls Help

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hydrogen can sync to other apps via jack (assuming that the 'other' app also supports jack transport)

seems that 'studio one pro' is a mac/windows app (i did find this : but i assume you are not running linux ?)

the odds that it supports jack (and jack transport) is about 0 i'm afraid


in linux hydrogen syncs to ardour and a number of other daw's, i'm not sure if that's also the case for OSX (hydrogen > ardour)


hydrogen as VST : nope, but there are a number of LV2 projects (see FAQ)