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How to create 3/4 beat ?

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Hello from france

On a first time please excuse me for my bad english


I don't know musical théorie, but i know to have the 4/4 and 3/4


I would like make the blues song, must i change the parameter ? how to do ?


On the second time on this site is it possible to dowland the rythm ?


Thank you all musician on the world

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If you look at the line starting with GMkit, you'll see (by default) size 8 & res 8, Change the former to 3 and the latter to 4 (or 6/8, or 12/16, depending on what notes you'll use).





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i havnt much experience with hydrogen yet,however, it is just a case of arithmatics.

firstly, 3/4 is a waltz.

what you really mean is 6/8,and 12/16. 6/8 can be SUGGESTED in 4/4. and you can fit 4/4 into 6/8and 12/16,because all those numbers work with each other,and multiples of them all fit together. 4's go into 12,and 16,and 8.

you see what i amimplying?

it is a common mistake for many musicians to render 6/8 as "takata,takata,takata" etc,however, it is best to make each note a straight 1,2,3,4,5,6. that way you can still "shuffle", or "swing" and fit it over 4/4 grids easier!


it'snot the answer you were after,like the  above answer,but, sergio,it may help with the imagination side of thoings to see though the rules.