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svn: configure problem with qt3 and 4 coexistance

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Joined: 04/17/2010

I've been trying to build the latest svn version of hydrogen, and have run into some issues. I have both qt3 and qt4 installed, and qt3 likes to set my QTPATH apparently, so when I run configure, it looks in the wrong path for the qt libs. Ok, easy fix, I go ahead and do:
"QTPATH=/usr/lib/qt4 ./configure"

This works at correctly setting QTPATH for the script, but it still does not find the libs it needs. So I went and looked at the actual configure file, and saw that it looked for $QTDIR/lib/* for the lib files. This is a problem, since as previously stated, my qt4 directory is /usr/lib/qt4. I was able to fix this problem by removing the /lib/ bits in the "if test" lines.

So what this brings me too, is that it might be a good idea to change how the configure script checks for the qt4 libs, since the current one will not be able to detect them on many systems (All gentoo systems at least, since /usr/lib/qt4 is the path used by default with emerge qt).

Also, is there any way to configure without jack support?

Keep up the great work guys.