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visual lags behind audio (help with jack?)

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Joined: 12/27/2013


Brand new to Hydrogen and noticing a significant delay between the beats I hear and where the cursor is in the gui.  Any suggestions welcome!

I saw a recommendation to use 'jack' for the audio system because of it's super low latency.  I installed jack, but not sure how to wire it up to Hydrogen correctly.  When I select it on the "Audio System" tab in Preferences it prompts, "Driver restart required", it tries, but then reports "Error starting audio driver".  On my start menu I have Jack: command, control, NetDriver, and PortAudio.  I have tried running them before I open Hydrogen, but not with any luck.

Thanks for any help with the delay/lag, doesn't have to be jack-related advice.

(Working on a decent machine, 2 years old, great video, XP SP3, plenty of RAM, ....)

Joined: 03/29/2013

Export/BPM Help!!!

Hello all,

 I'm working on a 27 song project using Hydrogen as my drum program, but the Export/BPM feature is currently broken for the Windows release. Can anybody help me with a fix or an update? Thanks.