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Hydrogen bombs - SUSE 10.0

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Joined: 04/17/2010


I've just installed SUSE 10.0 and selected hydrogen to be installed.

When I start Hydrogen it gets passed the information/news screen and then when I select Ok I get Hydrogen up for maybe a second and then it bombs. Have started the JACK server before launching Hydrogen (I use the ALSA driver).

When I run it from an x-term "Hydrogen -d alsa" I get the following error message when it bombs:
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::logic_error'
what(): basic_string::_S_construct NULL not valid

Any ideas? Version installed with SUSE 10.0 is 0.9.2-2


Joined: 04/17/2010

Unfortunately, the only cure is NOT to use suse.
Novell has f***ed up suse's alsa system along with a lot of other things.

Try to say it quicly 10 times in a row:
don't use suse don't use suse don't use suse ..:-)