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What You Want Hydrogen to Evolve As.

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Arun Kumar
Joined: 04/17/2010


[color=#123456] Welcome to a great tool Users.[/color]

[color=blue]<< [/color][color=red][u]I want the Users to Post their openion on Hydrogen to Evolve as.[/u][/color] [color=blue] >>[/color]
[color=blue]<< [/color][color=red][u]And the Developers of H2 to think of it Please.[/u][/color][color=blue] >>[/color]

[color=black][u]As I have started this thread, My idea is[/u]:[/color]

[color=green]I want to see this software to become a nice Music creation software like and more than[/color][color=gold] Frutiloops, Cool Edit Pro Etc. . .[/color] [color=green]It may take time, depend on the Donations or Programmers dedication towords the development.

Being a Windows User I have a request for Windows Programmers Whoever see this message to Help in developing "Hydrogen". Because for windows there is an audio editing software [/color][color=gold]"Audacity". [/color][color=green]A Audio Editing tool. But there is no other simple softwares like Hydrogen.

This is my own openion. Try to make it a full Audio creation software Please[/color] [color=maroon]:-)[/color]

[color=red][u][i] I don't know anybody have posted this topic before. If so Iam sorry Because I have'nt gone through each and every message in the forum.[/i][/u][/color]

Joined: 04/17/2010

I like to see Hydrogen stay on being a drum sequencer and become better at that.
I like the multi-layered kits. I like the fact that I can play heavy metal, pop, blues, etc., and not sound like a beatbox or a dance/techno machine. Hydrogen can give you the dance/techno and the real deal. It pleases everyone.

I've tried some of the windows apps and Hydrogen beats them all (my personal opinion as it appears to me) but then again, I am a Linux user. Nothing against Windows but I just like what I can do with Hydrogen, Ardour, Rosegarden, etc.

Arun Kumar
Joined: 04/17/2010

Hai Yervah,

[color=gold] You are a lucky person, Iam saying this because U R a Linux User. But am a User of Bluddy Windows. I have started lurning Computers on windows system, Because no-one knows Unix or Linux to Install and Use/Explaine/Learn. Bu Now I am trying to change to Linux(Fedora). I think it will be stable and Powerful. But I don't Know about, How to install Programms in Linux. Can U suggest a link of a Free Linux E-Book to download and become a compleatly Open Source User, by learning Linux from that Book.[/color]

[color=red] Thanks In advance[/color] [color=green]:-)[/color]