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Errors in Tutorials, Manual?

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Arun Kumar
Joined: 04/17/2010

[color=red][i][u]If this Thread is in wrong place. Then I request the Administrator of this site to Delete or Move it to the Correct place. And I am sorry for the Inconvience.[/u][/i][/color]

[color=orange]When we Get a new software we will try to learn it by our-selfs, After many tryes if we are unable then we go throug the Manual and Tutorials, or Guids Packed. But still You are unable to Understand it or it is confusing or having errors in it. Then what to do. . .

Just Post here UR Suggestions/ Corrections or UR own Tutorials here. It will also be useful for Others.

Someone will try to correct it or Explain it to You.[/color]

[color=black] "Find Errors or Unable to understand the Manual, Tutorial Try to Explain How U want it to be presented. What Kind of Style Should Be used etc. . ."[/color]

Arun Kumar
Joined: 04/17/2010


I am Arun, and I am new for Hydrogen. Just now Iam trying the Online tutorial, and there are some errors in it. One is Here[/color]


[u][i]1)-> In Tutorial[/i][/u]:

In 1.2. First Verse:

Here U have written that in First Bar(Intro_a) there is a "crash" beat and it ends the Previous beat, But actually this is the first beat, and how can it end the previous beat. And in the First beat we don't have any "Crash" beats, it is in "intro_b" the second one.

The "Fig.2 Base pattern, second bar." is named as "A-B-C_3", and we don't discuss on this and we go to "A-B-C_1". this is confusing.

[u][i]2)-> In the Software[/i][/u]:

In the Manual and the Tutorial, You provided eith the software is having "white test", and the back ground is also white, and it is not visible. Also in the Preferences-->Appearence menu, if we change the "Appearence Style" to "WindowsXP" it is also giving White Background and the text is not visible, Especially in the Preferences menu itself.

I am using Windows Version of "Hydrogen Drum Machine 0.9.4-svn"[/color]


The only suggestion I would like to give is, First U call someone(your friend or anyone) Who don't know about the Hydrogen(A entirely new person), and tell him to follow the Manual to learn, and try the Tutorial to make a song in front of You(or anyone who knows the Software well) and observe where he is feeling difficult and which parts of tutorial(or any thing U create in future) he is unable to understand. This will work, try once. If you can try it on a person, who Don't know about the software and the words used in here like, Verse, Bridge, Chorus etc. But Very interested in knowing how to create drum loops using this software. it will give more results in understanding the users mentalities, how they think, how they react and How we can make nice tutorials or in pirticular where to improve the software.[/color]