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Crash on Drumkit Load

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hello all,

I've loaded a couple of kits based on the workaround instructions posted in this forum. I can see them and r-click to load them up. when loaded, they only show numbers, not drum names on the left side.

Once I try to use them, however, Hydrogen crashes invariably.

Any ideas? Need any other info to help this one?


Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi, I have anther but a similar problem: anytime I try to install a sound librarie I just get an error message! PLEASE HELP! I?m using WinXPHome SP2

Joined: 04/17/2010

Try This:

1) Download and install the Windows version (Windows installer 2006/03/09) of 'Hydrogen' from:

2) Download all the additional drum kits of interest from:

to a temporary directory, lets create and call it 'Drumtemp'.

3) These are zipped files but Winzip does not work. Download and install the extraction tool '7-Zip' (version 4.43) from:


4) Return to the 'Drumtemp' directory. Lets work on '' as an example.

5) Right click on '', scroll down to '7-Zip' and then 'Extract Here'. Carry out this action.

6) This opens up another sub-directory called 'YamahaVintageKit'.

7) Open this directory and firstly transfer the file 'YamahaVintageKit_demo.h2song' (the demo file) to the directory C:\Program Files\Hydrogen\data\demo_songs.

8) Now right click on the file 'YamahaVintageKit.h2drumkit'. Again, open '7-Zip' and 'Extract Here'. Carry out this action.

9) This opens another file called '[content]'. Again, right click on this file, open '7-Zip' and 'Extract Here'. Carry out this action.

10) This creates another directory called 'YamahaVintageKit'.

11) Transfer this directory (which contains all the sound files) to the directory C:\Program Files\Hydrogen\data\drumkits.

Phew! At last! Now when you open 'Hydrogen' and look in the sound library you will find 'YamahaVintageKit' has been added. This all sounds a bit protracted but you will soon get the hang of all the 'unzipping' required.

Check out the demo file through the 'Project' and 'Open Demo' menu. Well worth a listen.