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I found Hydrogen drumkit file for ns_kit7free ( I like it a lot since it sounds so realistic. The problem is that it takes minutes to load that drumkit. All the other drumkits I've tried load in just few seconds.

I think that it's because of there are so many samples in that drumkit (322 wav files!). But why does it have so many samples? I'm using only 10 or so of them (kick, snare, 3 toms, hi-hat, ride, crash). If I made a "lite" version of that kit, which wav files should I use for each drum? There are 16 different mid-tom samples for example.

In the attached zip file you'll find list of the samples in ns_kit7free and the drumkit definiton file (drumkit.xml).

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I love this kit but I noticed there were more samples in the library than I could see in the list - for example there were right and left stick hits for the snare, open and closed kick samples and snare press rolls too.

There were also empty slots that appeared in the drum list, which annoyed me :-), so I decided to do my own kit definition. I looked up the documentation for the NS kit as well as some of the other mappings for Sonar, GrooveMonkey and the like and I found a lot of interesting stuff:

- the sounds had all been EQ'ed and normalised by NS, but the original drum kit definition had different gains all over the place.
- there was a mapping to GS MIDI in the NS Kit documentation that showed how to add the other samples in and assign them to MIDI numbers.
- the volume mapping of the layers was different in the original drumkit definition compared to the other mappings made by NS. The other mappings had lots more layers at higher volumes and was logarithmic, which gives the drumkit bigger dynamic range where it is most used.

So I created a new drumkit mapping that took all of this into account - see attached. I was playing with this last night on some funk beats and was very happy with it, but I would keep the original drumkit file round as well, because there are more samples in my definition as well as right and left hand sticking, and you may not need everything I have added.

To see the difference, try creating a basic beat with left and right snare hits and some accents on snare, hat and kick. You will find that the kit sounds more natural and the accents are more noticeable. Also try a drum roll with the press hits - awesome!

This is offered as a small thank you to the folks who built this awesome drum sequencer, and in the hope they will release an update soon :-)

Big thanks to the original drumkit definition author and to the folks at NS!!

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Well, I decided to make my own rather than Find/Replace one of these. I converted all wavs in the kit to flac with
for i in $(ls -1 *.wav); do flac -8 $i;done
then I generated the file list with
ls -1 | awk '{ printf("some xml", $0) }'
after that I put that into the appropriate places in drumkit.xml.

This includes all all sounds, right stick, left stick, etc.

Revisions, additions, corrections, etc are welcome.

du -h
284M ./ns_kit7free-wav
48M ./ns_kit7free-flac

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I'm loving and I'm very excited to try this but I don't have a clue on what to do here.
Do I create a kit from ns_kit7free?
I've been using Hydrogen for years now but by trial and error.
I love the kits I've made and used but don't have a clue on all this xml, etc., stuff.

How do I use the drumkit.xml?

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Just create new directory under ~/.hydrogen/data and copy the ns_kit7free files and the xml there. Hydrogen then should be able to load the drum kit (shows in drum kit manager with the same name as the directory)

My solution to the size problem was to cut the silence from the end of the files.

I have used other sounds too, mainly from freesound. My xml is attached, but only usable for the ns samples. If you're keen enough, you can download the appropriate freesound samples too.

Bass Drum however is my own, so you have to replace it.

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thanx for the help.

here are some samples from this site.
not too bad sounding

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but where can I find that NSkit7free-Samples on the page????

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here is my drumkit.xml. It is generated directly from the ns_it7free.kit-file.
I converted all wavs to flacs, because they are much smaller.
You can do this with a simple script like:
for i in *.wav; do
flac -8 --verify $i