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can't import drumkits/ windows based

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Okay, help me out here. what am I doing wrong? It says that the file is being imported into Hydrogen\data... but I can't access it.

Thanks, Moptop

Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi Moptop

The notes in the Hydrogen forum are a bit vague to say the least, so here goes.

From the top:

1) Download and install the Windows version (Windows installer 2006/03/09) of 'Hydrogen' from:

2) Download all the additional drum kits of interest from:

to a temporary directory, lets create and call it 'Drumtemp'.

3) These are zipped files but Winzip does not work. Download and install the extraction tool '7-Zip' (version 4.43) from:

4) Return to the 'Drumtemp' directory. Lets work on '' as an example.

5) Right click on '', scroll down to '7-Zip' and then 'Extract Here'. Carry out this action.

6) This opens up another sub-directory called 'YamahaVintageKit'.

7) Open this directory and firstly transfer the file 'YamahaVintageKit_demo.h2song' (the demo file) to the directory C:\Program Files\Hydrogen\data\demo_songs.

8) Now right click on the file 'YamahaVintageKit.h2drumkit'. Again, open '7-Zip' and 'Extract Here'. Carry out this action.

9) This opens another file called '[content]'. Again, right click on this file, open '7-Zip' and 'Extract Here'. Carry out this action.

10) This creates another directory called 'YamahaVintageKit'.

11) Transfer this directory (which contains all the sound files) to the directory C:\Program Files\Hydrogen\data\drumkits.

Phew! At last! Now when you open 'Hydrogen' and look in the sound library you will find 'YamahaVintageKit' has been added. This all sounds a bit protracted but you will soon get the hang of all the 'unzipping' required.

Check out the demo file through the 'Project' and 'Open Demo' menu. Well worth a listen.

Hope this helps!

Joined: 04/17/2010

Big O, thanks for the step by step. I got it work just fine. I do love the sound of this thing but it seems very unstable. Hit the wrong button and it shuts down. Maybe it's because it's running under windows. Either way, I'm still going to try to put it good use.

Thanks again for the help!