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MIDI input

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Joined: 04/17/2010

ok, i'm kinda new to the audio production scene on linux, but Hydrogen is one of the best apps i've seen so far, and from the latest snapshot i've installed is coming along nicely :)

my problem is with MIDI input.

i'm using OSS as my sound driver, with JACK, and I also have the ALSA LIBS package installed (some apps need it)

Audio works great, but i'm not sure how to get input from my MIDI keyboard into hydrogen.

I see that Hydrogen uses either ALSA MIDI or PortMIDI.

2 questions :

1/ Will ALSA MIDI work alongside OSS?

2/ I downloaded PortMIDI, but after compiling it I see no way to actually install it...? (make install doesn't work)

finally, why isn't Hydrogen able to use OSS MIDI (/dev/midi)? - that would seem like the simplest solution for people using OSS...

Thanks for any help.