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win to linux problem

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hi all,
I'm using hydrogen for a while but it's my first time on this forum.
First of all big thanks for all at hydrogen, great software.

My problem is when I try to play *.h2song I made withwin$ on my linux (old demudi or studio64).
The error is :
" [WARNING] SongReader [readSong] Trying to load a song created with a different version of hydrogen.
[WARNING] SongReader [readSong] Song [/home/stixlaw/UntitledSong.h2song] saved with version 0.9.4-svn
[WARNING] SongReader [readSong] Error loading song: exclude node not found
[WARNING] SongReader [readSong] Instrument number != MAX_INSTRUMENTS. n=16>32 "
How can I solve this problem.