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64-bit build for Fedora

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I have prepared a pre-built 64-bit version of hydrogen for Fedora Core 6. It can be downloaded from: (binary) (sources)

If you need an RPM for 32-bit machines, download the src.rpm and rebuild it yourself with the command: "rpmbuild --rebuild hydrogen*.src.rpm". You will need the rpmbuild, qt-devel and some other packages installed in order this to succeed (rpmbuild will tell you which are missing).

The build contains two patches which would be nice to have applied on the mainstream hydrogen source tree. The patches are located here:

The first patch is a small fix that makes TinyXML compilable with gcc 4.x, and second is a patch that lets hydrogen use /usr/lib64 instead of /usr/lib on 64-bit architectures.

And congratulations to Hydrogen authors for making such a excellent Linux progam! Keep up the good work!