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Looks Good, But !!!!!!!

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Joined: 04/17/2010

Hello All

Downloaded "Hydrogen" on 04/08/07 and installed it'
"Looks Good"

But !!!
It keeps "Crashing"
There is no "Live/Real time Midi Output"
Klunky Menus
Hydrogen Starts and then "Promptly Buries the Mixer"
Can we "Sticky" it to the sides(Top/Bottom) of the main window

A Hot Rod term comes to mind:
"All Show And No Go"

Now! please do not get me wrong!
I think this will be a great "Drum Machine"
Given a little more time and work. I am going to hang in there and hope the developers get their groove on.

The main screen is pretty darn good but when you click on a menu item the interface is still a bit klunky and the "Preferences" are a little weak not many options in there.

But lets face it "Windows" is not a popular OS in the Linux world, so this may take some time.

My #1 Request:
MIDI Output !!!
Live MIDI Output !!!
Real time MIDI Output !!!
Did I mention Live/Real Time MIDI Output !!!
I want to be able to open "Reaper"
Assign a MIDI input channel to take a live feed (Preferably from Hydrogen).

None of this save to a midi file then open your other app and import, so far that has not worked worth a hoot.
I get God-Awful squeals and screech's with that approach.
Some where between the Export and the Import, Something went way, way major south !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2-Cents worth on VST's:
Fine convert it to a VST but please do not stop working on the "Stand Alone" version.
I want a drum machine not a plugin.
Sometimes I just want to start a Groove, Amp-Up my guitar and play!

I am not a programmer so I have not a clue as to why any program Crashes, I hope this gets fixed!!!
(More Time???)

Oh, That "DOS" looking window that pops up when you start "Hydrogen". Is that going to be a permanent feature?
I hope not.

So far I am finding Hydrogen to be a very useful "Drum Machine" and I hope it just keeps getting better !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so Please Keep Up The Good Work !!!

Joined: 04/17/2010

Hello All

One more question?

Are these VST Plugins?
If so is there a way to get "hydrogen" to "Scan" the Default "Global VST Folder" in windows.

Mine lives in:
C:\Program Files\VSTplugins

So far I have got all of my other apps using VST's to Scan this directory.

If "Hydrogen's" Plugins ARE NOT VST's, What Are they?

Again Thanks

Joined: 04/17/2010

Hello All

The "Effects Browser"

1. Putting VST plugins into the "plugin" directory does not necessarily make them accessible in "hydrogen".

2. The "Effects Browser" does not have the ability to navigate to another directory and/or another drive to search and/or import plugins.

Anybody have any ideas?
Or did I miss something.

Rock On !!!