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Hydrogen on Windows

Windows version related discussions

h20 V1 win7 64 midi


My studio desktop computer uses Win 7 64 bit OS.

I am using V1 of Hydrogen.

PortAudio is selected.

Sound Card Lynx 2.

Midi interface M-Audio midisport 2x2


Apart from midi all seems to be working well.


The midisport interface is seen by the software.

But the midi indicator shows no activity, regardless of settings.

M-Audio MidiSport 2x2 works with all other applications on the computer.


I also have a laptop computer.

Also Win 7 64 OS.

But with an RME Multiface II audio / midi interface.

Hydrogen V1 midi functions perfectly with this computer and soundcard.


Can't open file.

I recently made a beat late at night but when I woke up the next morning the file was somehow corrupted . When I opened the file from my file browser by clicking "open file" it came up with an alert saying "Error loading song" but when I open the file from outside the software the wrong song is loaded. But, the file that I am trying to load is of a different file size from the one that is loaded, showing that they are different files that hold different data, it is like the file that I want to open has become a shortcut to a different file when I try to open it from my file explorer, and the file is corrupted when I try and open it from within the software. 


I am utterly confused by this one.


LADSPA installation


I've been through many topics about LADSPA FX installation but I still don't understand how to insall them to make them run on hydrogen. I just have .xml files but don't know how it works !

Can someone help ?


Forzee stereo drum kit


I downloaded Forzee stereo drumkit.

Forzee stereo drumkit has 27 sounds in the sound library. When I look in the folder on my C Drive it has 125 sound files.  How can I get the 125 sound files to show up in the sound library?


Hydrogen + Jack + Windows



Can somebody confirm that hydrogen-0.9.7 (latest version) does work with Jack-1.9.10 (also latest version) on any version of windows?

The only 2 combinations I get to work are:


1. Hydrogen-0.9.6-alpha1 (21-02-2011) with the version of jack that comes with it

2. Hydrogen-0.9.6-alpha1 (21-02-2011) with Jack-1.9.10 -> here hydrogen's libjack.dll needs to be removed or renamed.


I've tried every newer version of hydrogen, without succes... I tried both Windows 7 and Windows 10 as OS. Same results... 




Using computer keyboard to write the notes

Hey everybody, ive used hydrogen in the past to make music but it would always take me a really long time to induvidually insert the notes and the timing was a real killer for me as well.

I was wondering if there is someway so that when i click the F key for example, it would record a note in real time so I could effectively use my keyboard like a real drum machine?? this would make the app incredibly easier to use in terms of writing music. Thanks!

exporting only half of kit

Hey, first off just want to say im loving this program. very nice interface and easy for beginners and experienced muscians alike but i have encountered an annoying problem. I want to export each instrumet as a seperate audio track so i can edit each part of the kit by itself (using cubase 9). It works fine for 5 parts of the kit but leaves the rest of the kit out so i can only get half of the kit on cubase.

my bass drum, snare, open hihat and a single tom all export as audio fine but the rest are nowhere to be found.

is this a bug anyone else is encountering?


any fixes out there?

No note off in 9.7 beta3

Hi all,

I thought I had posted this but it must not have took.  Basically, there is no note-off feature anywhere in the program.  In 9.6 it was shared with note-length right next to input above the pattern editor.  Is there a fix for this?  Thanks.

Sorry, forgot to add my OS platform.  I have a dual boot setup consisting of Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 Home Premium.  The problem is present in both OS's.  I have uninstalled completely from both and reinstalled to each separately but it's the same.  I typically don't boot to 7 for using Hydrogen, it seemed to have more problems in that OS early on for me.


When i create my hard hitting breakdowns, the program automatically adjusts the volume, and it takes everything away from the brutal hits. Is there a way to turn this 'automatic audio adjust'off?



Hydrogen v.9.7 displays incorrectly

Hey all!

Been a long-time hydrogen user and I just got a new MSI workspace laptop. When I downloaded and installed the newest Windows build of Hydrogen all of the patterns and instrument tracks are extremely small and nearly impossible to work with.  I have attached a screenshot of what the program looks like on my machine.  Is there some option in the Preferences menu which I am not finding?  PLEASE HELP ME! I've been using Hydrogen for years and years and would be very sad if a little display malfunction kept from using this program.



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