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Hydrogen on Windows

Windows version related discussions

how do i instsll the new version?

i am not good with computer mumbo jumbo. could you guys help me install the new version on windows 8? thanks

Two applications simultaneously

Hello. Is it possible to synchronize two applications of Hydrogen drum machine to run them simultaneously??

file .XML


When we save a library, a .XML file is created. We can also edit this file to name(appoint) instruments for example. On the other hand, how do we that the software applies the changes in the library stored in "bibliothèque de sons"?


If anyones having problems sending MIDI into H2 in Windows from another program (not hardware) try using Tobias Erichsen's loopMIDI.

I tried MIDI-Yoke, Maple.  H2 (0.9.6-2.2.2011) would not register incoming MIDI from Reaper with those. 

Just thought I'd mention it for anyone banging their head against that particular wall like I was.

My Lap top won't play an .h2song programmed on another PC while using the same drumkit???

I have two desktop: one running on Windows 8.1 and the other running on Windows XP. I also have a fairly recent Toshiba Lap top running on Windows 7.

I am using the same GMkit (16 items) for all three computers. If I develop/program a song on the lap top, it plays it without any problem. However, if I develop/program a song on one of the other two PCs. The desktops will play songs exchanged from each other.

But the lap top WILL NOT play a song that has been programmed and, coming from the two desktops. I have tried sending it through as an attachment in an email - no success. I have tried copying the song to a USB key from the two desktops and trying to play it straight from the USB key on the Lap top - no success.

How to connect Hydrogen and Seq24 on Windows ?


When I use UbuntuStudio, Hydrogen is correctly displayed on Seq24 Midi Bus.

But on Windows, I don't know how to connect Hydrogen and Seq24.

Does anyone have a solution ?

Thanks in advance.

How to adjust volume when 2 patterns play simultaneously within a song?

When creating songs, sometimes I like to have 2 separate patterns play simultaneously within the song.  Unfortunately, this seems to combine the volume of the 2 patterns, thereby doubling the song's volume during those particular measures.  

Of course I could copy the two patterns, and make the duplicates play at half-volume, and then only use those duplicate patterns when I want to play them simultaneously together --- thus the resulting song-volume during those measures will equal the volume of the remainder of the song.  

But I imagine that there are probably one or two superior ways to accomplish this --- I simply haven't discovered them yet.   Thanks in advance for ideas and advice!

How best to add to a drumkit an instrument from a different Hydrogen drumkit?

I saw instructions on how to create a drumkit from scratch (haven't tried that, yet).  But those instructions do not seem to be applicable to this question:  How best to add to a drumkit an instrument from a different Hydrogen drumkit?   (Hydrogen version 0.9.6)



How to copy patterns


I've just installed Hydrogen for Win (it's my first drum soft experience), but i'm getting some trouble in copying patterns.

I've tried all the steps (think so) that i could find to be explained on the forum, and i achieved to copy patterns, but just the sequence of blank bars. I mean, when i click on the new pattern, i find out that it's a void one, there is not the sequence of drum/snare/hh, etc. i've created in the 'source' pattern.

What i'm doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

No instrument-LOCK feature on v 0.9.6?

I see in the Hydrogen manual there is supposed to be a feature which will LOCK a favored instrument in place, so it will still be there when one switches to a different drumkit.  

This would be a great feature --- unfortunately, in version 0.9.6, the option does not appear in the dropdown menu when right-clicking on the favored instrument in a drumkit.

The only options that appear on my version are "Clear Notes", "Fill Notes", "Randomize Velocity", and "Delete".

I have Windows XP Professional version 2002 svc pack 3.


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