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Hydrogen on Windows

Windows version related discussions

LADSPA plugins for win version?

I've just started using Hydrogen in the last few days, and am a bit confused as to how to load effects plugins. It seems that all I can find references to are LADSPA plugins, which as their name implies might be Linux-specific. Is this the case, or will they work on a Windows installation also?




Jack crashing when Hydrogen launched


I try a couple of hours to solve my problem, but it is still unworking.

I would like to use hydrogen connecting to Jack on Windows. 

The problem is when I Select the JackAudio driver on Hydrogen, Jack crashes. And when I stop Jack Server, Hydrogen displays "Error when launching audio driver".

To see what is the error message, I launch Jack on command prompt. The error messages are :

CheckRes Error
CheckRead Error

I would say the problem does not come from Jack : for example I manage to play sound with reaper connecting to jack. 

And I precise that I launch jack and all applications as administrator (I get that advice on a tutorial).


Anyone has an idea of my problem ?

Thanks very much

Sounds get confused when switching from Linux to Windows version

Hi, I use Hydrogen 0.9.6 on Windows 7. I have loaded .h2song files that I formerly created on PC running Linux Ubuntu. They all use Millo-Drums_v.1 drumkit. But, on Windows, this drumkit won't play unless I import it as user drumkit, and when I do it, some parts of kit gets notes from another. For example, what was Closed HH gets assigned to Tom Low.

Is there a workaround for this? Or, at least, is it possible to move or copy notes from one instrument inside pattern to another? Thanks.

problem in windows 8

hi.. i used perfectly hydrogen in windows in windows 8 i can't show "fill notes" and other with the right-key of mouse on the sound me!


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Installation d'hydrogène

Bonjour à tous et toutes,

Je n'arrive pas à installer hydrgène sur mon PC. J'ai Windows 7.

Je voudrai m'en servir avec mon synthé "KORG M3" Est-ce possible ?

Merci d'avance pour la ou les réponses.


I love this application

I just wanted to express my thanks to the developers of Hydrogen. Even with the lack of editting funcitonality, I find this tool indispensible.

Recently I exported a song to separate tracks and pulled them all into PreSonus Studio One (free version). Simply adding appropriate channel strips for EQ and Compression, the results are amazing. I saved the mix as a stero WAV and import into a Zoom R16 prior to recording other instruments. As long as tempo and form don't change, it is possible to build up a track, change the drums in Hydrogen and re-import them to the Zoom. Everything can also be mixed in a DAW (including the separate drum tracks.)

Using level and pan for each drum in Hydrogen also make a huge difference and is very easy.

No sound at all

So I recently reinstalled on a Win Vista machine (Dell desktop). I have used Hydrogen in the past on another Vista machine (Dell laptop) with no problems.

Now, I've reinstalled onto my desktop and I have no sound at all. I can not hear anything. The pattersn I make are acting like they have no sound. I can not go and listen to the drum kits before I make my choice on which one I want. 

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Hydrogen and my audio drivers. I'm lost, any help is appreciated.

how do i instsll the new version?

i am not good with computer mumbo jumbo. could you guys help me install the new version on windows 8? thanks

Two applications simultaneously

Hello. Is it possible to synchronize two applications of Hydrogen drum machine to run them simultaneously??

file .XML


When we save a library, a .XML file is created. We can also edit this file to name(appoint) instruments for example. On the other hand, how do we that the software applies the changes in the library stored in "bibliothèque de sons"?

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