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Hydrogen on Windows

Windows version related discussions

Hydrogen 9.7. win 10 - drumkits


Here some infos about hydrogen drum kits




9.7. export function does not work




i do not use the function to import sound libraries, i download the h2drumkit files onto my pc


Windows 10 - In which sub-directory are the .h2song files stored?

Hi, I'm new to Hydrogen and I've got a question....maybe it's a daft goes.


In which sub-directory are user created .h2song files stored?.....I cannot find the .h2song file I have created in any sub-directory.

However, I  can find the default/demo .h2song files that were installed as part of the installation


I'm using      Hydrogen 0.9.6 preview release for Windows      on a Windows 10 pc.


Any help with this would be appreciated, if possible








i am using hydrogen 9.7 on windows

how can i use the fx section?

Hydrogen BPM innaccurate



I've been using Hydrogen almost two years; in most ways it's pretty excellent.  However, I've noticed during all that time that the timing of the tracks I create in Hydrogen don't perfectly match the timing of tracks created outside of Hydrogen, by me and everybody else in the world.  That would certainly be an issue, if true.  Over that nearly 2-year period, it seemed that Hydrogen's timing was about 1/2 of 1 percent off.  

Cannot Record Midi

I want to be able to record the midi patterns in real time. However, the record button does not seem to want to record the patterns in the song view.

Imported drumkits path

First of all, thanks for making hydrogen. Its awesome :3 But:

Is it possible to change the path where hydrogen saves/installs the imported drumkits

I need to move it to an external HD bc im running out of space but i cant find that setting.

If it helps, im running v. 0.9.6 on Windows XP pro SP3


Hydrogen & Korg nanopad2 midi control troubles on Windows 7

Hi all,

I'm a new user of H2, I like it very much. But I'm in troubles with configuration of my Korg nanopad2.

It seems that Hydrogen ignores totally my nanopad midi control. 

I'm absolutely sure that nanopad works in Windows 7: I have used a midi checking software to verify it.

Maybe, it's a bug of H2?! Anyone have tried the same?




Change language

Hey there,

How do I change the language after I installed it?

Thought at first that working with my native language here would be a good idea, but with some of the abbreviations in the forum it's just wild guessing what might be the translation. I'd rather just have to guess what the full word is :)

using Hydrogen with Arduino

I was wondering if it is possible to use Hydrogen with Arduino? I have written some drum rythms and want to use them to trigger led's attached to my Arduino from my laptop. Is there anyone on this forum doing this already? and if so could you please advise as to how I do it. Any help would be gratefully received.... 

LADSPA plugins for win version?

I've just started using Hydrogen in the last few days, and am a bit confused as to how to load effects plugins. It seems that all I can find references to are LADSPA plugins, which as their name implies might be Linux-specific. Is this the case, or will they work on a Windows installation also?




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