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Hydrogen on Windows

Windows version related discussions

0.9.7 beta2 Export & Save problem


I'm having a couple of problems with this software.

I'm unable to save projects (error message reads "could not save song")

Also, when I try to export projects, the loading bar reaches 100% and just stays there. The project doesn't get exported.


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Hydrogéne et magix

Bonjours, Est-ce-que les samples de votre banque de sons sont compatible avec le logiciel MAGIX Music Maker 2016

Windows 8 issue no AUDIO

Hello everybody, thanks for any assistance you may have.

I used this drum machine in both windows and linux, and am grateful for the work, so grateful that I have in fact bought a beer for the developers, you can be sure I would be happy to do so again, however:
My issue is this: I installed the program several times over and for some reason I cannot hear the drums when I play the loop. I can definately hear the samples from the library but can't hear them during the playback.

It's odd, and I can't work out why, because I am certain that I had this working before. Now I just want to know if it's a windows 8 problem or if anyone has alos had this issue.

Exporting Songs/Saving and finding song files

I just got Hydrogen.  I'm trying to figure it out.

I have tried to export a song I've created.  I cannot find it anywhere on my computer.  I search the filename, and come up empty.

I am trying to move the drum track (h2song) into Audacity so that I can record a complete song, overdubbing guitar, vocals, etc.

The h2 song that I exported in Hydrogen is nowhere to be found on my system when I try to import it.

Again, it does not even appear in my files, nowhere in the C: drive at all.  I've tried to save it to other locations within the drive, this does not work.

Can someone please tell me what I am missing?


crash on startup in Windows Vista.

crash on startup in Windows Vista.

COnsole window had this at time of crash.....

InitTime : multimedia timer resolution set to 1 milliseconds

InitTime : multimedia timer resolution set to 1 milliseconds

(E) JackOutput::init Unknown status with JACK server.←[0m

(E) JackOutput::init Unknown status with JACK server.←[0m

(E) ::H2Core::AudioOutput* H2Core::createDriver(const QString&) Error starting a

udio driver [audioDriver::init()]←[0m


Crash when in 'Piano' mode

This has happened to me a few times, is it happening for anyone else? Windows 8.1.

I'll have a few patterns going, and I'll want to add a melodic element. Piano mode opens and lets me add notes, but when I play the pattern it crashes after a few repeats. No code given. One thing I realize I haven't done as I type this is closing every other open program, but I'd running a fairly high-end laptop, would that be necessary? Very new to Hydrogen. 

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hydrogen 9.7. win 10 - drumkits


Here some infos about hydrogen drum kits




9.7. export function does not work




i do not use the function to import sound libraries, i download the h2drumkit files onto my pc


Windows 10 - In which sub-directory are the .h2song files stored?

Hi, I'm new to Hydrogen and I've got a question....maybe it's a daft goes.


In which sub-directory are user created .h2song files stored?.....I cannot find the .h2song file I have created in any sub-directory.

However, I  can find the default/demo .h2song files that were installed as part of the installation


I'm using      Hydrogen 0.9.6 preview release for Windows      on a Windows 10 pc.


Any help with this would be appreciated, if possible








i am using hydrogen 9.7 on windows

how can i use the fx section?

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