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Hydrogen on Windows

Windows version related discussions

hydrogen closing short drum demo

hi all,

i have just installed hydrogen on my win xp laptop.

i tried 3 demo drum patterns and each one played ok for approx 10 seconds but then stopped and message box showed ' hydrogen has to close' sorry for inconvenience.

could someone please help with this issue.





Does MIDI Export Work In Ver 9.7 ???

I just tried to save a simple MIDI file (bass, snr and HH) . And loaded it into my Daw. What I see is all the hits are all on one line (C4).

Does MIDI export in Hydrogen not work ? 


No 0.9.7 stable x64

Hi all i'm noob here a waiting for 64bits version




Plugins directory?

Installed plugins from here:  but they do not show up in the mixer.  Where is the plugins directory need to be?  It there a trick to getting Hydrogen to see the plugins?

Windows setup guidance for total newb?

Been a longtime member here, coming back from time to time, but going away frustrated after hours of trying to put this whole midi thing together. I have a PhD in electrical engineering but I cannot figure all this out to save my life.

I have a Windows laptop with a USB Uno Midi Interface and I'd like to be able to play my drum machine, capture the midi file from it, tweak it, and then be able to play the loops later, ideally during a performance.

0.9.7 beta2 Export & Save problem


I'm having a couple of problems with this software.

I'm unable to save projects (error message reads "could not save song")

Also, when I try to export projects, the loading bar reaches 100% and just stays there. The project doesn't get exported.


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Hydrogéne et magix

Bonjours, Est-ce-que les samples de votre banque de sons sont compatible avec le logiciel MAGIX Music Maker 2016

Windows 8 issue no AUDIO

Hello everybody, thanks for any assistance you may have.

I used this drum machine in both windows and linux, and am grateful for the work, so grateful that I have in fact bought a beer for the developers, you can be sure I would be happy to do so again, however:
My issue is this: I installed the program several times over and for some reason I cannot hear the drums when I play the loop. I can definately hear the samples from the library but can't hear them during the playback.

It's odd, and I can't work out why, because I am certain that I had this working before. Now I just want to know if it's a windows 8 problem or if anyone has alos had this issue.

Exporting Songs/Saving and finding song files

I just got Hydrogen.  I'm trying to figure it out.

I have tried to export a song I've created.  I cannot find it anywhere on my computer.  I search the filename, and come up empty.

I am trying to move the drum track (h2song) into Audacity so that I can record a complete song, overdubbing guitar, vocals, etc.

The h2 song that I exported in Hydrogen is nowhere to be found on my system when I try to import it.

Again, it does not even appear in my files, nowhere in the C: drive at all.  I've tried to save it to other locations within the drive, this does not work.

Can someone please tell me what I am missing?


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